Thursday, April 11, 2013


It's a gorgeous Spring day and plan on painting minis outside today ....the expected high today is 82 degrees so its a perfect day to paint while getting a little sunshine and work done on my porch. 


How my brain works

Ohhh How my Brain Works...hmmm... if you're sure you want to go there... OOOOkay. Here we go...

Lots of people have said they enjoyed seeing the pics of my REAL LIFE SIZE to MINIATURE inspirations, so I went through my files and found some more to show you. I often have said that I get inspiration from LIFE... a book, a movie, fashion, etc. Now, with Pinterest [my new obsession] I found some pics of Real Life size items that I have seen in museums and in my travels that I can show how I translated them to Miniatures. 

I'm super excited to show you these. 

I suppose it is because I studied Fine Art in college that my eye is trained to look at details. I can find the most obscure "thing" in a photograph that sparks an idea for an entire collection.....It can be as subtle as a pleat, color palette, or overt, as in an actual furniture piece. The trick is to look closely...I do this so automatically and very quickly. We all do this... our brains are always taking dictation... the trick is to pull it from memory when you need it.

Let me show you some ideas and how my brain works.....
The Color
 Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette
Immediately your eye goes to the center pink dress. BUT look closely to the dress on the left. I love the color combinations and pleating. Soft Flesh/Blush Rose, with a deeper Peach, and BRIGHT PINK. Just the color combination alone is breath taking and to be honest would have never thought of it. This palette could be used in any Mini room....I'm thinking for a babies room?

Here's another color combination RED and PINK. Stunning chocolate brown tufted chair with copper tone gilding.

Look at these colors.... Oh MY 
I love the vibrant orange and turquoise but look how
 these colors are grounded 
by the neutral sand color of the stone see?...I'm not just looking at the focal point. I'm looking at the whole palette. Simply blocks of color next to each other.


I also look at couture fashion and period fashion references for print designs, pleating and draping ideas that can be used on a chair trim, Bed skirt, Canopy, or Throw blanket. 

Magnificent pleating with fabric billowing for a bed canopy or bed curtain

 In the Movie, Marie Antoinette's champagne color wedding dress had the most gorgeous trims. Literally I pause the movie, go frame by frame to look at a particular detail. The trim fabric was pleated, sewn down the center and the edges were slightly frayed. I used that technique for the edging of this silk organza bed throw, and silk taffeta canopy crown. 
The sherbert color palettes used in this entire film to portray "youth" is INCREDIBLE and not the usual "patina" used in period films. The older generations of royalty are portrayed in Very deep dark rich tones in palettes emerald greens, black reds etc. The foods and floral arrangements are pieces of art on their own. If you love Minis, no matter your taste, or your favorite period style, this movie is a MUST HAVE

Imagine this ... 3 tiers. Fabric/Pleat/Layered Lace, for a Bed Canopy, Curtains, or Bed Spread.

Now you're starting to get how I see things.... but there's more.....

This appears to be a folding screen. I just love the design and I currently have this on my work table. I am painting this motif on silk for 2 chairs that will be a part of the Vintage Vineyards Collection.
I'm taking pictures as I work on these pieces to show you how I am painting this in my Next stay tuned. 

Big Shot ~ Little Shot

Here are some actual pics I used for some inspirations

REAL LIFE Paris Apartment
MINIATURE: Paris Apartment

LIFE SIZE: Frick Collection Chair

MINIATURE: Frick Collection Chair painted on China Silk

LIFE SIZE: Queen Sophia's Bedroom
MINIATURE: Queen Sophia Chairs. Painted silk taffeta

LIFE SIZE: Canvas Canopy Daybed
MINIATURE: Canvas Canopy Settee

LIFE SIZE: Bright Fuchsia Rococo Chest
MINIATURE: Fuchsia Chest

Sometimes with photo inspirations I combine ideas. With the pieces below I loved the yellow pleated fabric doors with hanging picture frames and I also loved the grisaille [tones of grey] painted chest. I simply combined the two ideas.


LIFE SIZE: Grisaille Chest


LIFE SIZE: French Country Couch

MINIATURE: French Country Couch. Painted fluffy silk pillows

LIFE SIZE: Zuber Print wall cover
MINIATURE: Zuber Print on Chaise... why not?

LIFE SIZE: Black Bed with floral painted head board and crisp white linens
MINIATURE: With a punch more color, oil painted head board

I hope you enjoyed seeing how sometimes the Life Size inspirations can change or be translated to better fit a proportion or color scheme. The secret to all things is to dive right in, experiment and don't be afraid to "fail" because there is really no such thing. The ABSOLUTE truth is, I've learned more, and have had more successes through my "failures" than you can possibly imagine. Play a bit ....sometimes it works and sometimes it needs to be Re-worked but in the process you come up with your own interpretations which also leads to more ideas.... and when those ideas are simply flowing it is the BEST feeling.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week. Have FUN creating 

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  1. ¡Hola Maritza!

    ¡Un magnífico post! Sin lugar a dudas, muchas veces se puede encontrar la inspiración en el detalle más mínimo. Una profesora de pintura que tuve me decía que teníamos que ser cómo esponjas, y empaparnos de todo lo que nos rodeara.

    ¡Un abrazo enorme y enhorabuena por tu exquisito gusto!

    1. Muchísimas gracias Pedrete
      Ya eres un esponja con todo el hermoso trabajo que haces. Estoy tan contenta de que gustó el post. La siguiente entrada se muestran las fotografías de la pintura de tela con muchas fotos.

      ENORRRRME abrazos para ti <3

  2. I really enjoyed getting an insight into how to capture colors and moods.
    I have previously owned a shop where I sold handicrafts and textiles, and I can recognize the joy I get when a color, or a vase for example, can be the breeding ground for a wonderful exhibition.
    And you're a great artist :-)
    I hope this is understandable, because my English is a little rusty.
    Best wishes for a good day

    1. Thank You so very much Marianne.
      YES YES we are alike.... I love color too. I am so happy you enjoyed the post. And your English is perfect.
      HUGS for you Sweet Marianne. <3

  3. A very interesting post,Maritza and great pics! Your work is absolutely amazing,I love every piece of your collection. Hugs,Jeannette xx

    1. OH Wonderful Jeannette

      Thank You so much... You are so talented and I love your work. I did not realize you had a blog which I will try to figure out how to follow. I am still new at blogging ... you blog is so beautiful and the colors a delight.
      BIG Hugs to you <3

  4. Oh my gosh, that was a GREAT blog post lady :-) Seriously. I really loved seeing how you think about things.Your eye for design and fashion is amazing and its super cool to get a peek into how you work-cute pic by the way!!!! It has inspired me to look at DIFFERENT kinds of photos and look at them in a whole new light :-) Thats pretty exciting!! Unexpected inspiration is often the best kind if not the only, so Im really glad I read your blog tonight :-D Big ol' hug-a-roonies to you!! <3

    1. Thank You Little Leia ..Bigger Hug a roonies to you... you're very talented so keep doing what you love. XXOO

  5. Thank you so much, Maritza, for taking the time to teach all about colour adaptation! I enjoyed it so much and I have benefited greatly from this. I love your work so much and I dream of one day owning one of your pieces!

    1. Sweet Lucille...Thank You so so much. Big Hugs and love for you <3

  6. So gorgeous and sooooo jealous of your sunshine!!

    1. AAwww Janice.... Sunshine is over rated...and it gives us wrinkles LOL LOL

  7. Hi, Maritza
    Thanks for showing your work and sharing your thoughts about colors. I guess I work similarily to you, seeing pictures in magazines, on blogs and on pinterest, and then I want to make everything in miniature, to express it simply. My style is the french-nordic. My mind is allways set on "shrinking" (from 1:12) and on "which element is this item really made of" ;-) Actually is has been my mindset for more than 25 years...
    I show my work on - and you will find links to the Facebook group and to my Etsy-shop.

    Hugs Susanne

    1. Thank You Susanne .... I think my mind shrunk LOL. Thank you for your links I LOVE LOVE French-nordic style. We miniatures people think so much a like and it is my joy to see how others work. Thank you again dearest Susanne. <3

  8. Ohhhhh Maritza,
    what a wonderful post! I LOVE all your work!!
    Thank you for taking the time for sharing with us.


    1. Thank You SO much dearest Karin. It make my heart sing to hear such wonderful compliments. Thank YOU. BIG BIG hugs for you too.

  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on adapting real life to miniatures. Your work is gorgeous and very realistic. Natalia

    1. Thank you for your wonderful compliments Natalia! Hugs for you!

  10. I love your blog and your works. Congratulation! A good job

    1. Thank you vintage miniaturas gracias con besos y abrazos!

  11. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your observations on color and fabric. Very helpful. I will look for the movie.

  12. OH I hope you love the movie as much as I do. Let me know! Thank you for your kind words!

  13. I absolutely loved that movie and also your miniatures as well as the real life inspiration photos. Great work!

  14. I discovered your blog just now and I only can say... WOW! Your work is amazing, everything is really elegant and sumptuous!

  15. Acabo de descubrir tu blog,haces unos trabajos magníficos!!! Muchas gracias por enseñarnos a "mirar" más allá de lo que en un principio capta el ojo.

  16. My friend Dale recommended your work to me and I'm so glad she did. What a wonderful post this is- it makes me want to go to my art room and create! I love reading about how you are inspired and what your thoughts are as you look at each picture- sometimes we forget to actually see things- what a great reminder this is to open my eyes! I look forward to following your blog and your incredible work :)

  17. I am so inspired by this posting. You talent is way beyond mine but I will try again and again. The molding you use on some pieces like the fish is and gold bureau. Do you make these yourself with molds or hand sculpt? Such wonderful details you put into these. I got here via an older Doll House and Miniature scene magazine. I no longer have access to new issues so I reach into my old ones always finding something new. I will be back.

  18. I hate auto correct. It was supposed to be .....fushia and gold.