Saturday, March 23, 2013

Listen with your eyes

Spring is here and I hope everyone is well and happy... I am so glad the sun stretches its arms to kiss our faces a little longer each day.

I haven't blogged for some time since my schedule has been overwhelmingly busy. I have a few new things that I've needed to announce for some time. First, I have a Pinterest Board which contains boards I pin for inspiration and ideas for Miniatures. 

You can visit me here on Pinterest:

And I have an Instagram Profile with pics of old and new Miniatures: 

   So let's catch up on what's new...... 

Some Ideas are Right before you

While working on orders I ponder my next series of collections. I've always worked on French style pieces but have never done anything "USA", Americana, something domestic to my home town in California. I live in rural area of the Central Coast of Calif. This is wine country with vineyards that are breath taking. Where the vineyards kiss the ocean. Open fields and ranches, deer graze in my front yard and me on my porch... always reaching for new ideas, glancing, always thinking in miniature. 
My beau is a wine barrel broker. His other company supplies the woods and metal rings to the manufacturers of much of the new wine barrel furnishings for the Restoration Hardware store chain. His other large company manufactures garden furniture, accessories and hardwood flooring from the barrels....really gorgeous things....okay... I'm still pondering, thinking..... and my fingers are touching an idea. So... I take a look around me.

Where I live is a typical picturesque little USA town with a park and gazebo in the center of town. Homes with gingerbread porches and white picket fences. On Thursdays I walk to the Framers Market in the park for fresh fruits, veggies and flowers. Each month we have a festival of some kind... wine festivals, the yearly Lavender festival is my favorite.

 Every week Farmers Market

My favorite Flea Market shops in town

The Lavender Festival

My imagination is flowing. I'm getting close and I need to talk these concepts out.... Its time to call my girlfriend Cynthia. I always thought I had a head for marketing trends and business ideas... well Cynthia is a genus and blows me away. She has a keen eye and thumb on trends, fashion, and visions of style and design. We had talked about doing something together a month earlier, but we didn't know just yet what we would do.

 Cynthia Lauren Sperin

Cynthia and I click so easily together. It is easy to adore her. She comes from the heart and her heart is a magnificent place. Both of us just can not get our ideas out fast enough. 
I tell Cyn my current ideas that I have swirling in my head and immediately she blurts out VINTAGE VINEYARDS. That's it. Our joint project is born. Immediately we are talking about colors, concepts, designs... now we're talking fast...LOL. Cynthia will make, and coordinate her fabulous cupcakes, pies, and delicious accessories for Vintage Vineyards. Next, I call my beau with the "Honey Do List" of getting me some wine barrel woods so I can create new Miniatures. 

Much of the woods used to make the pieces for Vintage Vineyards are from authentic and very old wine barrels. FANTASTIC patinas... oak wood naturally stained in every imaginable shade of pinks, deep dark burgundy's, and warm golds {from the white wines}. Incredible colors that could never be duplicated in a faux painted finish or stain. Vintage Vineyards is soft and rugged. Tables, chairs couches, benches, kitchen, and bedroom sets... Home spun and woven with love. 

As I create the Vintage Vineyard pieces I realize how easy is to over look an inspiration that stands before you. So, I remind myself that in calm and stillness of your imagination take a breath and listen with your eyes.

“Drink freely the wine life offers you and don't worry how much you spill.”
― Mary Rubin 


  1. Hello, Maritza,
    Your article is a wonderful tribute to your friend and talented Cynthia and it's nice to see such beautiful pictures.

    Many people are dreaming of U.S. all around the world, and California (this is the title of a French song, also ... I'm thinking at the same moment I'm writing the name ... lol) is a particular region heavily influenced by France, California wines become as famous as our fabulous terroirs.

    There is a sweet way of life that emanates from your pics, and I understand that such an environment gives you as much inspiration and allows you to create such wonders.

    Continue to see with your heart, it is only in this way that we can give the best of ourself (what you do very well). ♥ Hugs, Léa

    1. Dearest Lea

      Such beautiful compliments from such a magnificent artist. You, your work and your heart is loved by so many around the world. Your soul speaks through your beautiful miniatures. And what a marvelous soul you have.
      You are so kind and gracious. You work makes me happy... all of it... from your miniatures to your beautiful photography. STUNNING. MAGNIFICENT.

      Thank you lovely Lea. Perhaps one day we will meet... I will bring you some California wine. Love and Hugs for you. M

    2. Sweet Maritza, Thank you ♥ ... I'm sure that Californian wine is excellent (even if I have much more knowledge in juice of fruits ... lol ).

      Big hugs, Léa

  2. Dear sweet M,

    What a beautiful post!! You are such a wonderful writer, always! You know of course how much I love and adore you too!! I'm so touched and honored to be working on this together! Plus you made me totally blush, and tear up too :) There's nothing more satisfying and wonderful than taking something from conception to actuality, and to work on this with you is my total pleasure!! Plus not to mention working with my great friend is as fun as it gets too ;) and I'm just so thankful to you, and for you!!

    Love ya Hun! Xox!

    1. Cyn .... There are some things in life that are simply meant to be. Your friendship is one of those things and my gift in this world.
      Love m

  3. I just found your blog! LOL!!! YAY! This is so great lady!!! I really enjoy being able to read your ideas and how you came upon them and things like that, I love the pics too!!! This almost makes me want to start blogging more myself since you make it look so cool lol :-)
    Im super excited about the newest series and YAY its VINTAGE! I cant wait to see Cynthias stuff too....its going to be PHENOMENAL you two! ;-)

  4. Dear Maritza, sorry to be so late in posting this. This new project sounds so interesting. This concept of vintage vineyard pieces made from wine barrels is new in miniatures and I cannot wait to see what you will create out of them. One thing I know is that I and no one will be disappointed. A wonderful alliance between two very talented ladies is bound to succeed.

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  6. Hello Neighbor ... lovely to know such an incredibly talented artist lives close by! I was born in Paso and, although my hometown is Manhattan Beach, I now live in Morro Bay. What a wonderfully inspiring and much needed direction the two of you, with your 'Vintage Vineyard' venture, will be taking the art of miniatures into ... can't wait to see more of those scruffy little benches and peeling shelves draped with grapevines and stacked to the brim with 'antique' linens, and willow chairs beside rickety tables overflowing with baskets of country charm. Congratulations on your new magazine as well ... so much to see and so much to do I'm inspired anew! Wishing you and Cynthia bushels of luck and success! Nice to see you on Pinterest as well.