Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blogging begins!

It's a Beautiful Saturday morning here on the Central Coast of California! 
There's a cool nip in the air and the sun is brightly shining. I have my warm cup of coffee beside me while I'm on my 18th hour of trying to figure out what a GADGET is on ... and do I need one?, do I want one? ... I'm guessing it's an important thing to have! HA!
I started my Pinterest Board about a week ago and came across something I wanted to share with you. Lot's of people ask me where I get my ideas. It's a loaded question with a long answer. But basically ideas come from everywhere including my dreams. Many times I go through magazines and books over & over & over again looking at every tiny detail of a photograph. You'd be surprised at how many designs from an out of focus chair, way in the background of a photo became an entire Miniature Collection! 

So one day my lovely friend (and miniaturist) Cynthia Lauren sent me this photo (above/from: and asked if I could make her the canvas wing chair in the photo. I fell over I loved the (real life size) chair so much. It inspired the entire "Country Linens Collection" 

And Viola... The Miniature Version upholstered in raw canvas with hand painted pink roses, layered with tea stained tulle & eyelet lace:
 Today I plan to make some beautiful Mini Christmas items ... "A French Farm Christmas" and "English Country Christmas" .....  I'm still on the "Gadget" question, so I hope to solve that mystery of life today! 
LOVE to you all! I hope your day and weekend is filled with fabulousness and mini making! ~ Maritza

"A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams" ~ Dr. W Ward


  1. Maritza, everything you do is always amazing. I wish you nothing but success with your Blog and will be eagerly awaiting each new entry. Good luck finding out what the Gadget is, I wish I could help you. Do let us know?

    Wendy (wenlaine)

  2. Beautiful WENDY!!! Thank You SO SO much!!! xoxox!

  3. ¡Me encantan tus trabajos, Maritza, son geniales! Esta colección es una delicia, es delicada y rústica al mismo tiempo. Me fascina la magia con la mezclas estilo con tanta clase.

    ¡Un besote enorme!

  4. Gadgets are quite useful as you can have them at the side of your posts. They can show photographs of your work, link to your Pinterest account or your website or Facebook page.
    Have a quick look at my blog and you can see all my gadgets on the left and right hand sides