Sunday, November 11, 2012

How I work in mini

Gorgeous Sunday to everyone!

I'm so torn between wanting to jazz up my blog and needing to do work that I'm a little wavering. When I'm on the computer trying to navigate through the blog (still needs work), I'm thinking about my Mini work, and when working on Minis... I'm thinking about all the things I want to share with you on the blog!!! 

Since I started to share with you where I get ideas I had a few more pics of life size furniture pics that became my inspiration for minis. It's a little difficult to explain the ideas I get from my dreams BUT at least these few ideas are tangible and I can share them. 

As I've said before, I turn every book and magazine inside out!!! I make tear sheets with organized folders of ideas and keep them on file. BUT I also cruise the internet and now with PINTEREST it's just bananas the amount of gorgeous pics that are out I keep a folder on my desktop "Mini Ideas" ...real size things I can make/interpret into miniatures. 

"There's No Way Around It"... A good portion of my work is staying well organized. Things get messy while working but I  clean up as I go.  Plus I love it when everything is neatly tucked away in it's proper place (YES...I'm a little quirky about neat & clean and the house smelling yummy makes SO me happy) I call myself "The Glorified Junk Collector" ... hahaha know how THAT is... Millions of little trinkets, ribbons, trims!! But I can not, No Way, work in a messy environment. It drives me crazy....and keeping my kookoo in the clock is always a healthy GOAL!LOL's!
Before I begin, I make my "Pulls" meaning I gather trims, furniture, fabrics and place everything in trays for each project. 

THE STUDIO  Photo 1,2,3-Boxes full of trims, laces, twine.  Photo 4-Decor Books. Photo 5-Project Pull

From Life Size to Dollhouse Miniatures

Here are a few of my recent pieces that went from Pics to Minis. Changing proportions, and colors sometimes is a Must! I learned the hard way that not ALL things translate exactly but the feel and look of a piece is what I'm after. Many of you have seen these pics before... but I wanted to visually share the conception and process.


*Rooster Set: Bespaq Furniture painted black and distressed with Cherry Wood tones. Whole One Piece wall unit with oil painting, light fixture, and flanked with Bespaq Cabinets. Hand painted Roosters on Black double knit silk. Foods and Accessories by the FABULOUS Cynthia Lauren..(

  *As you can see I built this bed Unit and it really evolved. I painted the Chalk White silk taffeta wall panels to give the piece a little more interest and color. The cozy French Bed & billowing curtain feel I wanted to keep and capture.


*For this beautiful French Daybed I found the colors to be magnificent. The Gold and Pink colors with the Dark Brown Chinos wall panel JUST HAD to be done in Miniature. I used 2 Bespaq chairs,pulled them apart, modified them, and reconstructed the facing 2 chairs, making the Daybed.  ~ I fell in Love with the simplicity of the real size purple Louis XVI chair with its checkerboard seat and single flora design backrest. I changed the color scheme to better suit the Collection Palette. 

I am busting at the seams to share so much more with you BUT I must get to work! I hope you also found this inspirational and begin to look at pics/photos differently, with a new eye, a new sensibility to create your projects!

I can not thank all of you enough for your welcoming support and lovely messages that are far too good for my soul! LOVE and HUGS!


  1. ¡¡Me super-encanta que tengas blog!! Ya estabas tardando en tenerlo!! Me hace mucha ilusión compartir comentarios contigo a través de blogger. Creo que es una forma magnífica de dar a conocer tu maravilloso trabajo.

    ¡Un besote enorme!

  2. This is going to be THE BEST BLOG xx

  3. Amazing work. I had trouble working out which were the miniatures and which the inspiration. Really so impressed, whatever your methods they are working!!

  4. felicidades por el blog!! trabajos tan maravillosos se merecen un lugar destacado.

  5. Felicidades, sus trabajos bien merecen un escaparate como blogger. Vamos a disfrutar mucho con sus diseños.

  6. Your work is beautiful, not only are you a miniature artist but also an interior designer and painter! My SIL Rita and I were so tickled to see your version of our chair, truly amazing work! Thank you also for your kind thoughts towards me ;). XO Christie

  7. Oh my God,
    your work is so wonderful! I love everything xx

  8. È' incredibile! Anch'io nei miei appunti, fra le immagini- ispirazione ho quella foto con l'alcova che poi appartiene ad una splendida dimora francese ai cui interni mi voglio ispirare per gli interni della mia futura dollshouse. A mille miglia di distanza abbiamo gli stessi gusti! Sono contenta che ora hai un blog. Mi piacciono molto le tue creazioni.

  9. Great collection of miniature pieces. I like them because of their classic appeal. Someting of European decent or culture.