Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Etsy Shop

Hi everyone! 
As most of you know Ive been busy moving unpacking, organizing and settling in my new home.  Although its not spring yet I've been decorating, cleaning and re-organizing all areas of my life. A new fresh start which makes me happy and gets my creativity into full speed.

My first exciting news is that I opened my New Etsy Shop. I love the clean lines and user friendly approach. I was spending way way too much time editing and uploading items on my web site shop. So now that I am selling on Etsy, this frees me of computer time, and allows me more time Creating Minis.... much much better.

Here are a few new Minis I've posted on Etsy....

 I hope some of these pics have given you a splash of color and brightness in your day but most importantly give you some inspiration to your imagination
With Smiles


  1. welcome to your new home and congratulations on your Esty shop,

  2. Congratulations! The funny thing is that I discovered your Etsy shop before reading your post.

  3. Hi Maritza,
    Welcome to Etsy, nice to have you there ;-) As allways I love the items you´ve listed.
    Hugs, Susanne

  4. Welcome to Etsy Maritza! All the best with your new shop.


  5. Maritza vos créations sont magnifiques, je souhaite un très grand succès à votre nouvelle boutique !

  6. Maritza, these pieces are so preciously beautiful! They take my breath away! I love all of them. Each is an absolute treasure!

  7. It's a rare thing to see such beautiful Victorian style miniatures in such pristine craftsmanship! I'm loving your works already! And congratulations on opening up your Etsy shop! I hope you do well this year!

    Clint @ Franchise Match

  8. I love them! Did you make those designs yourself? I think they’re lovely! They have a classic and vintage feel to them, that make them so elegant. Those are definitely hits in the making. Good luck on your business. :D

    Jason Whitewood @ Viper Online

  9. Congratulations on the opening of your etsy shop! Joe must be very proud of you. I think it's sweet that he's helping you come up with new ideas. Anyway, I really like the pouches you make. The bright colors and adorable patterns are absolutely to die for. I'm sure everything will go well. Good luck with your new shop, Sarah. :)

    Cameron Scott @ Immediate Capital